What’s On Netflix – November 2016

TELEVISION November 4 The Crown (season 1) World of Winx (season 1) November 9 Danger Mouse (season 2) November 11 All Hail King Julien (season 4) Case (season 1) Estocolmo (season 1) Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (season 1) Tales by Light (season 1) November 15 K-POP Extreme Survival (season 1) November 16 The 100 […]

My 5 Favorite Shows

Couple of years ago, I did a post on my 5 favorite TV dramas. In the time that has passed since then, all but one of the shows have gone off the air. It used to be that when you asked me my favorite show, I’d reply with “Mad Men” without skipping a beat. Since it […]