Why Are TV Leading Ladies Annoying?

I sometimes have a strenuous relationship with sleep and to pass the time while I wait for it to come by, I watch the Sex and The City reruns that come on E! at like 1am. I have just watched the episode where Carrie tells off the Russian because she didn’t appreciate his reaction when […]

Movies Available To Stream On HBO – July 2018

Every now and then, I throw the other streaming services a bone and I let you know what is being added to their library. HBO isn’t really a streaming service but you might as well count their HBO Go and On Demand services as one. If you didn’t know, every show that is a HBO […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – July 2018

Now we are really done with half of the year. Netflix won’t leave you hanging and continues to pad its library with B-level movies and a number of its obscure originals. Either way, there’s always something for you to watch. Here’s a little handy guide on what is being added in July. Don’t forget, you […]