What’s Streaming On Netflix – March 2021 [recommendations included]

Q1 is wrapping up! It’s been a year since we started quarantine and Netflix is still doing us a service and giving us content to look forward to. We don’t have the usual shows we would have been expecting by now like “Love is Blind” or “The Circle”. Right off the gate on March 1, […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Ep.7

And the shit show continues… In this episode, we discuss the rollercoaster Chris and Paige continue to take us on, Haley and Jacob’s continued miscommunication, Bri and Vince entering reality, Erik and Virginia and their different definitions of marriage and we find out something new about Ryan and Clara. We finally get an expert when […]

Who Is…Dominique Fishback?

This month’s Who Is…? actor is Dominique Fishback who you more than likely recognize but probably don’t know her name (this is redundant as it is the entire premise of the series lool). She is such a good actress that I felt compelled to highlight her. With bit roles here and there, like in – […]

My Thoughts On #ICareALot

I Care A Lot is the story of Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a con woman who makes a living by screwing over old people, for lack of a better word. Marla has an unethical arrangement with a doctor, who tips her off on potential elderly people who may or may not be declining in health. […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 6

Whew! Where do we start? We find that although the couples are getting closer to each other tension rises among all the couples together. Ryan and Clara continue to discuss their similarities and differences, Haley and Jacob hit a wall, Virginia and Erik continue to lie to each other, Bri and Vince have their first […]

I Watched The Pilot Episodes Of #YoungRock and #Kenan

We are still living in weird times and like everyone else, the entertainment industry is adjusting. There is a lot more to stream, including movies that would otherwise be solely in movie theaters. This is good news for streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the likes but not for Network TV. We have been […]

My Thoughts On #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah

It’s the 60’s in Chicago and we see a black man steal a car and get stopped by the cops. We find out that the man is Bill O’ Neal (Lakeith Stanfield) and he is told by an FBI Agent, Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons) that he can either go to jail or go home – […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 4

We’re back again this week, trying to get to know the couples as they settle into marriage but it’s the Chris and Paige show once again. As Chris drops a bomb on Paige. Should Paige have gone into that much detail with his parents? Tayne explains why she thinks Chris is actually attracted to Paige […]

My Thoughts on #MalcolmAndMarie

Malcolm & Marie is a Netflix movie starring John David Washington and Zendaya as the titular characters. They return home from Malcolm’s movie premiere looking every bit like an attractive, in love couple. As Malcolm celebrates and recounts the success of the premiere, you can feel the tension but we aren’t let in on why […]

What’s Streaming On #Netflix – February 2021 [recommendations included]

The year has just begun and somehow, January is done and we are now in the shortest month of the year. I was intrigued by this month’s additions from Leornado’s double appearance in Inception and Shutter Island or a rom com goodie with My Best Friend’s Wedding. I personally look forward to the newbies, To […]

#MAFS Atlanta Recap: Season 12 Episode 3

Wow! This episode was explosive! We had the final two weddings and boy was it a lot! Listen to us discuss the train wreck that is Chris. We discuss his faux pas every time he opened his mouth from beginning to end and his dad’s grossness. We wonder why Paige didn’t run because there were […]