Streaming On Netflix – December 2020

Can you believe it’s December??? I have been doing this every month and it has become sort of like a marker. It’s crazy to think the next time I do this post it will be January 2021. Well, Netflix is going out with a bang. In the movie section, there are oldies like Peppermint (which […]

My Thoughts On #TheUndoing

I recommended this show on here and on all my socials. This 6 episode limited series follows the Frasers, a well to do family in Manhattan. The family consists of Grace, a therapist. Her husband, Jonathan – an oncologist, and their son, Henry who attends an elite, private school. A major event rocks their family […]

#Spotify Year End Wrapped Lists – Most Streamed Artists

Spotify’s year end lists are something we have come to look forward to in December in recent years. Besides the personalized ones that subscribers receive, they also publish general stats on everything on the platform and break it down. I find these interesting and figured I’d share the different categories in one place with you […]

I Watched The First Episode of #BigSky

I was intrigued by the previews of this show which was surprising considering I am not a fan of cop shows. But it had Ryan Phillippe and Kylie Bunbury who you may remember from the wrongfully canceled Pitch. The show is also written by David E. Kelley who we best know for The Practice but […]

What To Watch On TV This Week

We are halfway through the week but this week comes with some good premieres that I figured I’d share with you guys. A Teacher – This might not be a comfortable watch but it is a 10-episode miniseries about a married high school English teacher in Austin, TX, who starts a sexual affair with one […]

#MAFS Season 11 Reunion

It’s the reunion! We watch as Kevin Frazier talks to the couples about their journey and their lives after the show ended. We discuss being wrong about Karen and Miles and their 180. Amani and Woody continue to give us the feels. Olivia still seems angry and Christina admits to not handling things the best […]

Streaming On Netflix – November 2020

I honestly cannot believe that there are just two more months left of the year. Winter is coming! And so are new Netflix offerings. Loads of nostalgic movies like Easy A, Boyz n the Hood and also nostalgic TV with Dawson’s Creek. I couldn’t get through Season 3 of The Crown but I will be […]

What To Watch This Weekend

The temperatures are getting cooler and Covid is on the rise. There is a high chance that you will be spending your weekend at home all cozied up and staying warm. If you are one of those people who never know what to watch, here are some recommendations for what to watch this weekend Soulmates […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 11 Episode 13

It was an action packed episode as things finally happen this week. The couples are forced to lockdown far longer than anticipated (40 days!!) and production shut down, so the couples have to film themselves. Brett and Olivia come to a resolution. Christina and Henry refuse to take a page out of their book and […]

Recommendations For The Documentary Lovers

Documentaries have always been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s the realness of it. Hearing first accounts of things on any topic – both sad and happy. Maybe it’s how two people could watch a documentary and come out with different takes. Yes, they could be biased but none the less I still enjoy them. […]

Who Is…Corey Stoll?

Yup. You more than likely know who he is because he is EVERYWHERE. And that’s no exaggeration. Corey Stoll stays busy both in movies and on TV, so the likelihood is high you have seen him somewhere. Here are some placces you may recognize him from: Have you seen him in any of these? What […]

My Thoughts On #EmilyinParis [Audio]

I watched the 10 episode Netflix show, #EmilyinParis over the weekend. Click below to hear what I thought about the show. Let me know your thoughts, if you have watched it.