What I’ve Watched Lately…

I have had this post on drafts for some time which is why some of the material might be dated. There is so much material out there that I can barely keep up. It’s almost like COVID didn’t happen and Hollywood is making up for lost time. Here are my thoughts on some things I […]

My Thoughts on #SexLife

Netflix knew what they were doing with this title. You can’t get more attention grab-by than this. Sex/Life is a story of a suburban wife and mother, Billie (Sarah Shahi) in Connecticut. She is married to the straight and narrow but kind Cooper (Mike Vogel) and they have two beautiful children. But, Billie finds herself […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix [recommendations included]

New month, new shows. Looking for nostalgia? There’s Love Actually, Boogie Nights, No Strings Attached to name a few. Animal lovers, there’s a documentary for Cat lovers and for Dog lovers. Some shows are returning like Virgin River, Atypical. New movie, Gunpowder Milkshake looks like good fun with Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Carla Gugino. […]

Some Housewives ChitChat #RHOBH #RHONY [Audio]

There has been so much going on in the Housewives world, I wanted to talk about some of the shenanigans. I probably forgot to mention all of the things in my head but I touched on the high points on all the franchises. What do you think about the direction the Housewives are headed?

My Recent Podcast Listens

I’ve been off the serialized podcast scene for a minute because I was listening to a lot of show recap podcasts. Decided to hop back on with these two and I enjoyed both. Wondery has a huge stack of options in their library. I also think that they have determined that 6 episodes is the […]

A Show For My Reality Show Lovers: #BETEncore

I think I had heard or seen about this some time ago but I definitely forgot about it. This is not a good thing because it premiered two weeks ago and I don’t think I’ve seen any promo for it. I get so frustrated when it comes to black shows. We already have to fight […]

My Thoughts So Far On #RunTheWorld

Ever since the end of shows like Sex and the City and Girlfriends, there have been many replicas with the same 4 girlfriends format (Yep, it always has to be 4 friends). For black people, we are already fighting for shows on TV, but the pickings are so slim that we are willing to consume […]

Who Is…Melora Harding?

Quick…what was the first show that came to mind. With her unique name, Melora has been a character player in a lot of TV shows and most currently on The Bold Type. Is it just me or could she be Charlize Theron’s sister? See some of the place you may recognize her from:

Are You Part Of The Jean-aissance?

Yes, you read right. The Jean-aissance. Jean Smart is no stranger to Hollywood and she has definitely paid her dues. You may recognize her from Frasier, Fargo Season 2, Legion or A Simple Favor. Most recently, she has been in a string of good TV shows, so this post is really to recommend good TV […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – June 2021 [recommendations included]

Summer is round the corner! People are waxxed, vaxxed and ready to hit the streets but for those of us still seeking comfort in our sweats and on our couch, Netflix has got us. Returning seasons of favorites like #Elite, #Lupin, #LoveandMarriageftDivorce and the terrible #toohottohandle. Oldie movies like #silverliningplaybook, #lovejones and #milliondollarbaby and Netflix […]

My Thoughts On The #FriendsReunion

It feels like we have been hearing about this reunion for so long and Covid delayed it even further, that I almost can’t believe that it’s actually here. Friends ranks as my top best show ever (right alongside Mad Men). It’s not a perfect show but it is pretty damn close. The show just makes […]

#MAFS Recap – Season 12 Reunion Part 2

It’s finally here and the season comes to a close with the second part of the reunion. Kevin Frazier is still around to probe and interrogate a bunch of different groups and we were here for every bit of it. We still think that this 4 hour reunion was unnecessary but we discuss how we […]