My Thoughts On #TheWhiteTiger

The White Tiger is a 2021 Netflix movie adaptation of a book of the same name. The movie starts with its protagonist, Balram (Adarsh Gourav) narrating about a night that changes the course of his life. He is also the narrator of the movie and goes back to the beginning and how it led him […]

My Thoughts On #PiecesOfAWoman

Pieces of a Woman is a movie starring Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) as Martha and Shia LaBeouf (no introduction needed) as Sean, a husband and wife expecting their first child. They live in Boston and Sean is a construction worker building a bridge that he wants his daughter to be the first to walk on […]

Who Is…Lovie Simone?

Yup! I am sure you know her. Our very first “Who is?” actor is the gorgeous Lovie Simone. This 22 year old is best known for her role on Greenleaf and since the show ended her star has continued to be on the rise in various projects. Lovie’s full name is Lovie Simone Oppong. Her […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – January 2021

Happy New Year, people!!! I can’t believe it but here we are. In 2021. We made it through 2020. That was a hellish year. I hope its residue doesn’t affect 2021 too much. Through the hell, I wondered how this will affect the entertainment industry, with filming halted for a huge part of 2020. I […]

My Thoughts On #WW84

We start the movie meeting little Diana finding out that no matter how skilled she is, she is not ready yet to be an Amazon and needs to pace herself. Fast forward to 1984 and Diana Prince is living a 9-5 life like everyone else as a curator on ancient artifacts. She still fights crime […]

The Best Reality Shows I Watched In 2020

There was no way I was going to do end of the year lists and not do one for my beloved reality shows. A lot of escapism was needed and a lot was given especially with the streaming services throwing in their rings in the hat. Here are the best reality shows that I watched […]

Best Things I Watched On TV In 2020 – Part 2

As promised here is Part 2 of the best things I watched this year. I should add that if you don’t see a show on here, I more than likely didn’t think it was one of the best or I did not watch it but I’d love to hear it. P-Valley: I mentioned in my […]

Best Things I Watched On TV In 2020 – Part 1

The year was long. The long year came with a stay at home order. And staying home came with watching loads of TV and boy did the streaming networks go to town. I feel bad that a lot of shows we enjoyed were not on Network TV but with the gazillion streaming networks, they didn’t […]

My Thoughts On #TheProm [Audio]

#TheProm is a musical comedy adaptation from a Broadway play of the same name. Directed by Ryan Murphy, it stars a lineup of well known stars and has the message of tolerance and letting people love who they want. Listen to the review and let me know what you think in the comments. Taynementdotcom · […]

Who Is…Kingsley Ben-Adir?

I slacked off on the series for a little bit but fear not, it’s back! Just in time to close out the years. The British actor has a distinct look, so when he popped up on my screen recently while I was watching Soulmates, I knew I had to feature him on the series. It’s […]

I Watched The First Three Episodes Of #TheFlightAttendant

Let me start by telling you that HBO Max is not playing with their content and have begun churning out content like Netflix aka we are spoilt for choice and can’t watch as fast as they are putting it out. The Flight Attendant is their heavily touted mini series, based on the book of the […]

Streaming On Netflix – December 2020

Can you believe it’s December??? I have been doing this every month and it has become sort of like a marker. It’s crazy to think the next time I do this post it will be January 2021. Well, Netflix is going out with a bang. In the movie section, there are oldies like Peppermint (which […]