#BAFTAS Red Carpet 2021

It’s been a minute since there’s been a proper red carpet and since I’ve had some fashion on the blog. So, here we go…

Farewell #Shameless

SPOILERS AHEAD – So do not watch if you have not watched the series finale. A few years ago, I did a list of my Top 5 dramas. Not long after I made the list, all the shows went off air except for Shameless. It hung in there (arguably more than it should have) and […]

Who Is…Gary Cole?

New month, new who dis? Hehe. I was actually surprised that I have never featured Gary Cole before. He seems to be in everything! Everything includes the cult classic, Office Space (as the worst boss ever). Here are some places that you may recognize him from:

25 Movies To Watch Before Oscar Night

The world has been a ball of adjustments for over a year now. It’s so hard to believe that last year we went through all of award season right before the world turned upside down. This year, it’s different and dates have been shuffled around. The Oscars will be airing April 25 and I am […]

I Watched A Few Things Lately…

…and naturally, I had to share with y’all. Allen V. Farrow – The documentary explores the sexual abuse allegations made by Dylan Farrow when she was a 7 year old, against her father, Woody Allen. This was a tough watch because it is not an easy subject and watching Dylan relive her trauma was not […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 12

It’s the day after the monthiversary and the couples are reminiscing over how their day went. We settle into the dog-heavy episode and talk about how important the dogs were in the relationships this episode. We break down the many ways Erik was oh so wrong this episode and how poor Rockie bore the brunt […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – April 2020 [recommendations included]

Hello Q2. Can you believe it? It’s been a year now since we’ve been home due to the Corona virus and I think everyone is tired of the indoors especially as the weather gets nicer. Not much piqued my interest this month but there are a lot of nostalgic oldie movies. Idris Elba has a […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 10

It’s intimacy week and in this episode we get the pleasure of an expert visit with Dr. Viviana. We talk about enjoying having an expert around and rank our experts in order of how much value we think they bring to the table. Our couples are still trudging along and it was a quite heavy […]

My Thoughts So Far On #Married2Med

There was a time when if you’d asked me the best shows on Bravo and without skipping a beat, I’d have said Vanderpump Rules and Married To Medicine. The last two seasons took a hit and lost some of the magic that made it so great. I didn’t expect us to get a new season […]

My Thoughts On The First Black #TheBachelor

I know, I know…everyone has talked about “the first black Bachelor” ad nauseum. But I am just getting over the After The Final Rose episode I just watched and I had many thoughts. Hear my thoughts here and let me know what you think:

Some Award Show Season Musings

It’s Award Season and as usual there are some things that had me going hmm… I can’t get over the Grammys not nominating the person with one of the biggest albums of 2020. How do you snub The Weeknd? Hate him or love him, it makes no sense. They keep losing black artists. Pretty soon […]

#MAFS Recap: Season 12 Episode 8

It’s Friends & Family week where our couples’ loved ones come by to pay them a visit to see how they’re doing and give them sage advice. We talk about how great the friends were in this episode and how well the friends seem to know them. Ryan and Clara continue to be a mystery […]