#Spotify Year End Wrapped Lists – Most Streamed Artists

Spotify’s year end lists are something we have come to look forward to in December in recent years. Besides the personalized ones that subscribers receive, they also publish general stats on everything on the platform and break it down. I find these interesting and figured I’d share the different categories in one place with you […]

What Happened to #BlackLoveDoc?

Indeed. What happened to #BlackLoveDoc? 4 seasons ago when Black Love premiered, I loved it. I loved the premise. I loved that it was a show showing black people in a positive light and it was executed very well and had me cheesing every episode. With celebs like Tamera Mowry, Meagan Good, Viola Davis, to […]

Racism & Reality Shows

We are in odd times. Everything is stressful around us. Racial tensions especially, are high. Black people are fighting to be heard and seen as equals and white people somehow have an issue with that. Protests all around the country seem to signify that this is a wake up call, people seem to be listening. […]

The Fall Of Empire

After 6 seasons, Empire had its series finale on Tuesday, April 21 with not so much as a whimper and it was so sad to see it go out like that. Production was short two episodes of filming, one of which was the actual series finale when they were forced to shut down due to […]

When One Door Closes… From Written Off to Success

I don’t remember what I was watching that had Jon Bernthal in it and it occured to me that homeboy has blossomed ever since he left The Walking Dead and it got me thinking. When a character is written off a show (whether of their own accord or not), we forget that this is akin […]

It’s A Man’s Man’s World?

Just in case you are new to the blog, I am a huge reality show fiend. Doesn’t matter what kind or how bad, I’m in. Competitive reality shows are a faction of reality shows that I enjoy. My two favorite of these are #Survivor and #TheChallenge. But I digress 😀 In recent times (or maybe […]