What’s Streaming on Amazon Prime – April 2019

TV April 1 Murder, She Wrote, Seasons 1-5 April 5 The Tick (Prime Original Series), Season 2 April 12 Bug Diaries (Prime Original Series), Season 1 Diablo Guardian (Prime Original Series), Season 2 April 19 Bosch (Prime Original Series), Season 5 – recommend April 27 Humans, Season 3 – recommend April 30 Vikings, Season 5 – recommend   […]

My Thoughts on Jordan Peele’s “Us”

Ever since the trailer dropped last year, with a remixed version of “I got 5 on it” as its soundtrack, the anticipation for this one was high. It also served as another chance to see what Lupita’s acting chops were made of and what life beyond “Black Panther” would be for Winston Duke. Add the […]

Parents, WYD?

I watched all three documentaries shown above. Each of these left me speechless. My jaws open and a chill down my spine because it really spooked me. In all 3 documentaries, I asked the same thing “What were the parents thinking?” Sexual assault is no joke. Sexual assault on children is a whole new level […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – March 2019

Q1 2019 is about to close out. Meaning the (hopefully) last of the snow days that give time to Netflix and drink. Seems to be a good month with lots of foreign Netflix originals, old movies and returning old faithful shows. Here are the offerings for the month with the recommendations in bold as usual. […]

Who Would I Give The Oscar To? – My 2019 Picks

Last year, was the first time I went H.A.M and did predictions for all categories. Probably because my coworker had asked me to be part of the pool. I was very ready last year and by now, had even seen all the short films. This year, I have not seen as many movies as I […]

25 Movies To Watch Before Oscar Night

Update – If you are looking for what to watch this weekend, some of these movies are now available on various streaming platforms (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO etc.). Look through to see my thoughts and it may be a helpful guide on what to watch! It’s the time again. The last hurrah for award […]

Netflix: The Monopoly (?)

You was a critically acclaimed Lifetime show starring Penn Badgely of Gossip Girl fame. Based on a book, it was about a stalker who makes a girl fall in love with him due to information garnered from the stalking. Lifetime had so much faith in it that it was renewed for a second season before it […]

What’s Streaming On #Netflix – February 2019 [with recommendations]

Yup, it’s a new year but the clock never stops ticking. We are about to enter the second month and of course that comes with Netflix releases especially with this chilly winter we are having. Cozy up and see what is in the library for the month. Recommendations in bold as usual. Feb. 1 About […]

My Thoughts On BOTH #Fyre Documentaries

So, unless you have been under a rock, your social media timeline must be full of Fyre hashtags. If you are fully nestled under your rock, you might not even be aware what Fyre is which would mean you missed the social media frenzy about its failure last year. Don’t worry, I am here to […]

MY Thoughts on #Vice

I don’t think this movie needs much plot description. Vice is a movie that gives us more insight into why/how Dick Cheney, Vice President during George W. Bush’s regime has been dubbed the most powerful Vice President in America’s history given that the job is basically seen as a “dummy” one. The movie starts with […]

My Thoughts On If Beale Street Could Talk

Barry Jenkin’s follow up to the outstanding Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk is the story of Fonny, a 22 year old black man who is wrongfully incarcerated for rape. His equally young lover, Tish and her family are on the outside doing everything they can to get him out, especially since Tish is pregnant […]

My Thoughts On #Lionheart

I don’t have a good relationship with Nollywood. I know, I know. But I tried and almost always, I get disappointed. I am such a critical person that it is quite difficult to overlook all the errors and sub standards that they seem to serve us. I can’t even watch it humorously. That being said, […]