What’s Streaming on Netflix [with recommendations] – October 2018

Pumpkin Spice season means its also couch potato season. Tis the season to curl up and be friends with Netflix. Here’s this month’s streaming options and the recommendations are in bold. Happy viewing! October 1 Angel Eyes Anger Management – recommended Billy Madison – recommended Black Dynamite Blade – recommended Blade II – recommended Blazing Saddles Empire Records […]

What’s Available To Watch on HBO – September 2018

Here are movies and TV shows coming to HBO on demand/GO this month: September 1st About Time Altitude Analyze This Arthur Bring It On Bring It On Again Bring It On: All or Nothing The Brothers McMullen The Core Diary of a Wimpy Kid Funny People The Fabulous Baker Boys Ferdinand First Kill Goodfellas House […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix (Recommendations Included) – September 2018

Month 9! More Netflix goodies available for streaming. The content keeps growing with them and we can’t keep up. September seems even more loaded than the other months.But fear not, I am here to help you streamline. I’ll have my recommendations in bold. Happy viewing. September 1 10,000 B.C. Another Cinderella Story Assassins August Rush […]

My Thoughts On #CrazyRichAsians

It’s been a long time coming and finally Crazy Rich Asians the movie has made its way to the big screen. Back in 2014, the book was the favorite thing I read that year (see my blurb on that here). I think it’s a given that in the book vs. movie debate, the books are […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – August 2018

Somehow, someway we have entered the 8th month of the year. It doesn’t stop Netflix from bolstering their library. There is always something to watch, whether it is an original or a licensed deal that lets you catch up on shows and movies you didn’t get a chance to watch when it was all the […]

Movies Available To Stream On HBO – July 2018

Every now and then, I throw the other streaming services a bone and I let you know what is being added to their library. HBO isn’t really a streaming service but you might as well count their HBO Go and On Demand services as one. If you didn’t know, every show that is a HBO […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – July 2018

Now we are really done with half of the year. Netflix won’t leave you hanging and continues to pad its library with B-level movies and a number of its obscure originals. Either way, there’s always something for you to watch. Here’s a little handy guide on what is being added in July. Don’t forget, you […]

Who is Ajiona Alexus?

You can’t miss those eyes. I just happened to notice that I was seeing this young lady all over my big and small screens and decided to show her some love since America won’t. We all know young actresses that have done less and have immediately been dubbed the next IT thing. Here are some […]

What Happened To Rom Coms?

Way back in the day we were spoiled for choice. There were so many rom com movies to choose from. When I was younger we had the classics. The When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle etc. Moving on to high school, it was the era of teen rom coms a la She’s All That. […]

My Thoughts on The Rachel Divide

“Are you African American?” This was the question that blew up the ruse of a life (or race) that Rachel Dolezal had been living for a number of years. When Netflix broke news that they were working on this documentary, there were a lot of unhappy people who felt Netflix could spend their money in […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – May 2018

I am here again to let you know what is coming and hopefully provide you a guideline on what to watch. Recommendations in bold as usual. If you would like my opinion on any show you are considering watching, feel free to tweet at me @taynementdotcom and I’ll be happy to help out! Happy Streaming! […]

Some Takeaways From Avengers: Infinity War

Even though we had warning about this monumental movie, I still feel like it snuck up on us. We’ve barely come off the high of Black Panther, and then we had to move on to this. I am sure you guys know by now but I always make it a point to preface every super […]