#MAFS Recap – Episode 4

The weddings are finally done. The couples have spent their first night together. In this episode, we recap the couples meeting family and friends over brunch and heading out for their honeymoons.

Rewatching #SexandtheCity: Fetish vs. Preference

Revisiting #sexandthecity in our thirties. We discuss the episode where the women try to understand men who only date models and wonder if it is a preference or a fetish. We also talk about pretty privilege and Samantha’s rocket high self-confidence.

#MAFS Season 11 Episode 1 – Audio Recap

Welcome to the weekly podcast where we recap this season of Married at First Sight set in New Orleans. In this episode, we discuss why we watch the show and which couples from previous seasons that we like. We also meet the couples for the first time and talk about our first impressions of them […]