My Thoughts So Far On #RunTheWorld

Ever since the end of shows like Sex and the City and Girlfriends, there have been many replicas with the same 4 girlfriends format (Yep, it always has to be 4 friends). For black people, we are already fighting for shows on TV, but the pickings are so slim that we are willing to consume […]

My Thoughts On The #FriendsReunion

It feels like we have been hearing about this reunion for so long and Covid delayed it even further, that I almost can’t believe that it’s actually here. Friends ranks as my top best show ever (right alongside Mad Men). It’s not a perfect show but it is pretty damn close. The show just makes […]

I Watched The First Few Episodes of #TheBigShotOnMax

The Big Shot with Bethenny is a “competitive” reality show where reality star, Bethenny Frankel best known for being a former RHONY housewife turned successful business mogul, is searching for a VP of Operations for her widely popular Skinnygirl brand. Bethenny is no stranger to this because before the Housewives, she was a semi-finalist on […]

My Thoughts On #TheCircle Season 2

I have spoken about my love for this show before here (read to understand how the show works). By all accounts, this show should annoy me but for the life of me, I fell in love with it. I loved it so much, I even watched the Brazilian and French versions and loved those ones […]

My Thoughts On #SearchingForSheela

You have to be under a rock if you have never heard of Wild Wild Country While the story by itself was mind blowing, the undeniable stand out was Osho’s #1 woman, Ma Anand Sheela. By the end of Wild, Wild Country we find out that Sheela is out of prison and now living in […]

I Watched A Few Things Lately…

…and naturally, I had to share with y’all. Allen V. Farrow – The documentary explores the sexual abuse allegations made by Dylan Farrow when she was a 7 year old, against her father, Woody Allen. This was a tough watch because it is not an easy subject and watching Dylan relive her trauma was not […]

My Thoughts On #Coming2America

The sequel to this American classic picks up at the 30th wedding anniversary of Lisa and Prince Akeem in Zamunda. The resident witch doctor, Baba informs Akeem that he has a “bastard son” conceived after a night where Semmi has him drugged. Akeem and Lisa’s marriage has yielded 3 daughters and since only a male […]

My Thoughts On #ICareALot

I Care A Lot is the story of Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a con woman who makes a living by screwing over old people, for lack of a better word. Marla has an unethical arrangement with a doctor, who tips her off on potential elderly people who may or may not be declining in health. […]

My Thoughts On #JudasAndTheBlackMessiah

It’s the 60’s in Chicago and we see a black man steal a car and get stopped by the cops. We find out that the man is Bill O’ Neal (Lakeith Stanfield) and he is told by an FBI Agent, Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons) that he can either go to jail or go home – […]

My Thoughts on #MalcolmAndMarie

Malcolm & Marie is a Netflix movie starring John David Washington and Zendaya as the titular characters. They return home from Malcolm’s movie premiere looking every bit like an attractive, in love couple. As Malcolm celebrates and recounts the success of the premiere, you can feel the tension but we aren’t let in on why […]

#MAFS Atlanta Recap: Season 12 Episode 3

Wow! This episode was explosive! We had the final two weddings and boy was it a lot! Listen to us discuss the train wreck that is Chris. We discuss his faux pas every time he opened his mouth from beginning to end and his dad’s grossness. We wonder why Paige didn’t run because there were […]