My Thoughts On #PiecesOfAWoman

Pieces of a Woman is a movie starring Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) as Martha and Shia LaBeouf (no introduction needed) as Sean, a husband and wife expecting their first child. They live in Boston and Sean is a construction worker building a bridge that he wants his daughter to be the first to walk on […]

I Watched The First Episode Of #FilthyRich

With the corona virus putting a halt in production in Hollywood, Fall TV season is delayed with not a lot of scripted series ready for airing. Fox reached into their bag for Filthy Rich. It was supposed to originally air in the spring but they kept it for a Fall release. Filthy Rich follows the […]

My Thoughts On #ThisIsParis

This Is Paris is a documentary about famous socialite, Paris Hilton. The documentary was originally set to follow Paris around to get a better sense of her life focusing on her being a business woman and being one of the highest paid female DJ’s in the world but the documentary took a turn and a […]

Have You Listened To Lady Gaga’s #Chromatica?

When Lady Gaga debuted, she came in with a bang with strong dance music. Along the way, she had a lull (Artpop, anyone?), went back to her coffee shop days with “Joanne” (which was great) and had a major resurgence with her “A Star Is Born” run. With “Chromatica” Lady Gaga is back! This album […]

My Thoughts On #TheHighNote

Chances are, you may not have heard of The High Note but hopefully that is not the case. Due to COVID, the movie was made available for streaming (not free) on May 29. The movie stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson as Gracie Davis and Maggie, respectively. Gracie Davis is a seasoned pop star […]

A Few Documentaries I Watched…

There has been so much influx of TV series content in the last few months and it had me overwhelmed. I decided to take a little break and focus on content with a confirmed start and stop, that did not require a committment. I have always liked documentaries. They are straight to the point and […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 9

We are listening to a decent cut of Althea’s song or as Joseline calls her Ho-thea. Joseline comes in to see her and asked her who produced the song for her, she says Benzino and Joseline says she doesn’t remember Benzino having a hit. Of course, Althea says she and Joseline have to work together. […]

My thoughts on Think Like A Man Too

The sequel to the original that was based on Steve Harvey’s book of the same name continues with the whole gang reuniting in Vegas for the wedding of Candace (Regina Fox) and Michael (Terrence J). We the audience are reunited with each individual couple with a voice over by Kevin Hart’s character, Cedric. We get […]

My take on “12 Years a Slave”

Ah…where do I begin with this movie? I knew I wanted to see this movie but I knew it wouldn’t be an easy watch so I hesitated but talked myself into man-ing up and seeing it. And boy am I so ever glad I did. The movie tells the true story of a freed slave […]

Fan Friday – Camp

Let me ask you one question. Are you enjoying your summer?? If so, you must be watching the hilarious and completely outrageous new NBC dramedy Camp. If the answer to the question probed above is a “no,” then you must not be watching, and you are sadly being left out of all the fun. I’m […]

Fan Friday – Happiness by Mafikizolo

I love music and I love dancing, when in the right mood I can dance for a good 2 to 3 hours without stopping and maybe in heels, alcohol makes it easier in heels. I love music I can dance to and the origin is irrelevant, a nice beat, drums and right level of comfort […]

Fan Fridays – Parenthood

When Tayne asked me to write about a show I am a huge fan of the first one that came to my mind was Parenthood. I love this show so much and if you follow me on Twitter, I am sure you know just how much. I started watching it just last year when I […]