Fan Friday – True Blood

Oh my gosh….9 letters…9 letters send me into a frenzy. A frenzy of excitement, anticipation, and good old fun. People look for that sensation in roller coasters, drugs, sex, food…okay yes, I like some of those too lol, but man my fix …oh lawd, my fix comes in my 9 letters. Have I piqued your […]

Suits Recap: Season 3 Episode 2 [Guest Reviewer – Nana]

The second episode of Suits was a marked improvement from the season premiere. There were laughs, there was plenty of court drama, and as usual, Louis got the shitty end of the stick. We opened with Louis’s wooing of Mike after Harvey gave him his blessing and to my surprise, they actually had great chemistry. It […]

Fruitvale Station Review [Guest Post by Kash]

I haven’t had the chance to see the movie yet but earlier in the year, I predicted that Michael B Jordan and Octavia Spencer might be our minority representatives at the award show circuit this year. I have heard only good things about the movie, so I look forward to watching it. Reader, Kash was […]

Americanah Book Review

  Chimamanda Adichie’s most recent book. I just finished it and I feel so empty. I loved this book like I LOVED this book. I am not one of the Chimamanda stans who thinks she walks on water and is some demi god. At all. I only just read Half of a Yellow Sun late […]

About Life Is But A Dream

So the much touted Beyonce documentary that was footage from her last 3 years, “Life is But a Dream” finally aired yesterday on HBO, with an interview with Oprah an hour before it aired. Publicity for the doc focused heavily on the fact that the normally private star was speaking out on subjects she’d always bypassed […]

About House of Cards

If you haven’t heard about “House of Cards” then you must be living under a rock. “House of Cards” is the new breakout show from Netflix’s stable of original programming. The show is a political drama (it was adapted from a BBC series with the same name) that is based on Frank Underwood (played by […]