A Show You Should Watch: #Cheer

Back in 2017, I recommended Last Chance U as a show you should be watching. Fast forward to 2019, and the same producers have given us #Cheer, a docuseries that follows cheerleaders in a junior college in a small town in Texas, Navarro College. Before you roll your eyes and say you have no interest […]

A Show You Should Watch: Netflix’s #KillerInside : The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

It was all over the news how Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, who happened to be his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend. During the course of the trial, he was indicted for two other murders of two immigrants from Cape Verde. He was found guilty for killing Odin Lloyd […]

My Guilty Pleasure – #TheCircle

Netflix is not known for its original reality shows but they have a couple on there. Ever the reality fiend, I was curious to check out its latest offering, #TheCircle. A reality show remake that was imported from the UK (of course, because does Hollywood still have any original content?) I’ll try to explain the […]

#LHHNY Recap: Season 10 Episode 5

Jennaske is in the studio after the fallout at her showcase. Rich shows up looking at her like a lecherous uncle. As they speak, Phresher walks in and she calls him out on the drama with his baby mama and being the man he is, he turns it around on her and tells her that […]

A Show You Should Be Watching: Lifetime’s #HopelesslyInLove

Following up on the success of #SurvivingRKelly, it seems like Lifetime has realized that there is an opportunity with the black audience and with the docuseries genre. Their new limited series #Hopelesslyinlove looks into the romantic relationships of famous couples in the past. The first episode was about Left Eye and Andre Rison, second episode […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – January 2020

Happy New Year, guys! Welcome to a brand new year and thanks for still reading this blog of mine. With the new month comes good stuff to watch on Netflix. A few things I am looking forward to is the final season of my beloved #BojackHorseman, #GraceandFrankie begins the countdown to its end. Plenty of […]

#LHHNY Recap: Season 10 Episode 3

Chrissy decides to do some damage control since the news of her foreclosure breaks because her investment partner, Greg is not happy and flies her out for them to speak. She flies out with Kimbella and Juju. It’s so weird to me how easily Kimbella sidled up to Chrissy and my conclusion is that the […]

Best Things I Watched In 2019

That time again. Year end lists out the wazoo. In case you have been under a rock, we are in peak TV era. Peak TV meaning we have A LOT of TV shows available for viewing. So much TV that it is humanely impossible to watch them all. In fact, a lot of shows that […]

The Jackhole Housewives From Each Franchise #RHOA #RHONJ

Listen, they’re all crazy but even crazy has levels and some of these housewives have become drunk of their own kool aid and aggravating us the viewers. I went through each franchise from #RHOA, #RHOD, #RHOC, RHONJ, RHOP, #RHOBH and let you know which housewife I think is the most aggravating among the current cast. […]

Love & Hip Hop NY Recap: Season 10 Episodes 1 & 2 #LHHNY

PSA – This recap is longer than usual because the episode was 2 hrs. If I must admit, the franchise has been stale as of recent and even old faithful Atlanta isn’t bringing the juice anymore, so I was excited to see all the OG faces returning to #LHHNY for season 10. The season starts […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – December 2019

And just like that we are in the last month of the year. Which means we all have the holidays on our minds and beginning to slow burn our minds off work. But the weather is still cold and we have time off coming up which equals Netflix time! A few good oldies here for […]

Netflix By The Numbers – Most Watched Shows and Movies

Since it’s inception, Netflix has been cagey about its ratings numbers. Leading ratings measurer, Nielsen claim they have been keeping track of Netflix’s viewership but Netflix has never confirmed its accuracy for sure. Recently, Netflix released some numbers for its most viewed shows and movies but it is a little wonky because, for some shows […]