What’s Streaming On Netflix [with recommendations] – November 2019

Wow guys, one more month – well technically 2 – and we are done with the year. The cold is officially here, which means more time at home to binge watch. This month I am looking forward to Martin Scorcese’s #TheIrishman, the #Bikram documentary and my beloved #TheCrown. Hope you find a thing or two […]

My Thoughts on Amazon’s #ModernLove

I don’t remember how I heard about this show for the first time but I remember being intrigued and marked the date of its premiere. Based on the NYT column of the same name, #ModernLove is an anthology series on Amazon that premiered on October 18. It tells different stories about love in 8, 30 […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix – October 2019 [recommendations included]

Last quarter y’all! I think this is a good month on Netflix. New seasons of #BigMouth, #PeakyBlinders and the #BreakingBad movie drops also. Old goodies like #Oceanseleven and #BadBoys are also available. As fall slowly descends upon us, hope you find something to cozy up to! October 1 93 days A.M.I. Along Came a Spider […]

My Rankings of All The #RealHousewives Franchises

In this moment in history, you really can’t mention reality TV without mentioning Bravo’s hit series, The Real Housewives of *insert city*. A few have marked their 10 year anniversaries. We have followed their lives and seen marriages, divorces, kids growing, deaths etc. I have been a devout follower since Day 1, even through Miami […]

What’s Streaming On #Netflix – September 2019 {with recommendations}

It’s another month guys! It’s also Labor day weekend so you have an extra day to be a bum and find something to binge on. Lots of good stuff here – #SurvivingRKelly, #TerraceHouse and old classics like #300, #Superbad, #MysticRiver and good ol’ #LOTR. Hope you find something to watch! September 1 300 – recommend […]

Who is Fiona Shaw?

Time to place a name to another familiar face. You should give yourself a treat for every time you can name the celebrity 😀

Rundown On A Few (New & Existing) Summer 2019 Shows

Summer used to be the time that you took to do actual outdoor activities but with the rise of streaming channels, all competing to outdo the other, content has been at an all time high and not to be left behind, the premium channels have upped the ante on their content also. I haven’t even […]

Some Thoughts On The #LoveIslandReunion

We had to wait almost a week since the winners were announced last week but the reunion finally aired today. I have made my peace that the UK does reunions different and don’t dive into the nitty gritty but it doesn’t take away the disappointment that I have usually experienced from the past reunions. I […]

What’s Streaming on Netflix – August 2019

I feel like I don’t get a chance to blink before I find myself here in a new month with new Netflix offerings. It’s been a busy few weeks for Netflix as a lot of their originals have been dropping the last few Fridays, with a few more set to drop in the coming weeks. […]

My Initial Thoughts On #LoveIslandUSA

Ah Love Island. I was made hip to this treasure from the UK last summer. Season 4 was airing and it took a while to rev up but boy did I get addicted quick. Coincidentally, Love Island Australia was also airing its first season and I was all up in that too. I became so […]

What’s Streaming On Netflix: July 2019 [recommendations included]

Here we go, Month 7. Hopefully, you are out there making the most of the summer but on the days when you can’t stand the heat, remember Netflix will always be there for you. Here are this month’s offerings and as always, recommendations are in bold. July 1 Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – recommend […]