#Grammys Recap

The Grammys were a mixed bag last night, given the news of the tragic death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant along with his 13 year old daughter and 7 others on the helicopter. May their souls rest in peace. Picking up her hosting duties from last year, Alicia continued her bad hosting this year. I […]

Rundown On A Few (New & Existing) Summer 2019 Shows

Summer used to be the time that you took to do actual outdoor activities but with the rise of streaming channels, all competing to outdo the other, content has been at an all time high and not to be left behind, the premium channels have upped the ante on their content also. I haven’t even […]

Some Black Show Suggestions…

  I honestly can’t decide if we have more or less black TV shows on air than we used to. I can sit here and think of all the sitcoms we had in the 90’s (that’s another thing, are we only good enough to do the funny?) On the flip, I want to say we […]

Magazine Cover: Niecy Nash on Essence

Coming off the successes of Scream Queens and Getting On, Niecy Nash has scored herself another hit. This time as the lead on the fun show, Claws (see my thoughts on it here). She nabbed the September 2017 cover for Essence magazine and here are some of the pics from the issue:      

Hidden Figures – Essence Magazine Feb. 2017 Cover

They said black people (women) couldn’t make money at the box office and Hidden Figures is here to prove them wrong as it has been doing good numbers . Released December 25, 2016 with a production budget of $25 million, it has made almost $55 million as of today. Essence has dedicated their February issue […]

Here’s to Sterling K. Brown!!

I’d love to say I am one of those people who knew Sterling K. from waaay back and now I am so glad for his recent string of successes but nah. In fact, it was the best friend who let me know he was in Army Wives. Like most of America, I was made aware […]

What To Watch on Netflix – October 2015

New month, new Netflix offerings. This month seems promising compared to last month that was a little bare. The much hyped Netflix original movie, Beasts of No Nation also premieres this month. Take a look and see if you find anything interesting. The bolded titles are ones I have watched and enjoyed. ¬†Oct. 1, 2015 […]

Your September 2015 Magazine Covers

Who’s gracing your covers for the popular September issues? Here’s a guideline if you are looking for your favoriets.         And because Black Girls Rock, these women can also be found in your September issues:   *pics from Usweekly.com and huffingtonpost.com

Cover of the Week – Idris Elba on Maxim

Idris Elba became the first man to ever grace the cover of Maxim magazine. Known to make many a woman’s heart flutter, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding this issue. Looks like it was a wise decision as Maxim had a 143% ¬†increase in advertising pages compared to last year. Personally, I wish […]