Who Is…Cush Jumbo?

With a British mother and Nigerian father, Cush Jumbo is another British export to this side of the pond. Her being British might be news to some as her best known roles were as Americans. Here are some places you might recognize her from:

Who is…Sean Blakemore?

Did you look at this picture and immediately think “I know him!” but then immediately think “Wait, but from where?”. No worries, I will let you know where you might have seen him. Do you recognize him from any of this?

Who is…Brandon Scott?

Another feature in the series. He featured recently on season 2 of Dead to Me and it occurred to me that I had seen him recently in a few things and would be a good addition to this. Here are some places you may have seen him:

Who is…Beau Bridges?

This might be one of the recognizable names featured in this series. I recently realized that if you watch TV a lot, chances are high Beau Bridges will pop up on your screens at some point for a temporary story line. Brother to Jeff Bridges, he seems to have settled in well in his niche […]

Who Is Adina Porter?

I haven’t done one of these in a while. In case you aren’t familiar, I do a #WhoIs series featuring character actors that you know you have seen before but for the life of you cannot name. Adina Porter is definitely a face I can guarantee you have seen on your TV screens before. Here […]

Who Is Andrew Scott?

Every now and then some actors get wind and you seem to see them in projects everywhere. Andrew Scott’s most recent role as “the hot priest” on Fleabag had everyone buzzing on who he was, breaking a lot of women’s hearts as they found out he was gay. Scott has had a versatile career over […]